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to outdrill. you're not going to out-coal president obama. how is it that climb climate change working for president obama? would you brag about it? why do they do it, it's the money, lebowsky, of course it's the money. look at how much the oil company spent, $167,000 spent every day lobbying congress. every $1 spent on lobbying is equivalent to $30 worth of tax breaks that they get from the american people. and finally where did the money go? it went largely to romney any way. was it worth it for $720,000? romney got $4.7 million from the oil cop. the republicans win any way. and we all lose because we're right now in the middle of climate change, and we don't have any politicians or almost any media who give a dam or plan to do anything about it. that's unfortunately the cold, hard reality. all right now when we come back we got a lot more for you on the storm. in fact, here is the view of new york. the flooding has begun. just ignore it because oil companies will make it all better. the answer to more drilling. and then bill clinton campaigning for president obama and how is it goin
of is ctinuing crisis hardly merit notice. barack obama pledges change but touts dodd-frank, a bulky, watered-down version of financial reform that scarcely makes a ripple in the vast sea of corruption and abuse. mitt romney campaigns as the banker's pal and says he'll make dodd- frank disappear altogether. if you're appalled by this, so is the man who held the thankless job of special inspector general in charge of policing tarp, the bailout's troubled asset relief plan. before heigd on, neil barofsky was a federal prosecutor in new york chasing white-collar criminals and drug lords. he busted 50 members of a columbian guerrilla group deeply involved in narcotics trafficking. at tarp, he was assigned to ferret out waste, fraud and abuse. the banks didn't make it easy, and neither did the u.s. government. neil barofsky tells this story in his book, "bailout: an inside account of how washington abandoned main street while rescuing wall street." he is now a senior fellow and adjunct professor at the new york university school of w. eil rofs, welcome. >> thank you. >> when you were a kid, did yo
, but it doesn't mean the momentum changes back. face it, president obama has had the best success at changing the polling. when he goes negative. when his negative ads about romney for bain capital. >> kimberly: that's when he was ahead. >> eric: he was a murderer. that's when he gets movem. he can't do that now. you have can't go negative now. >> bob: are you suggesting that romney hasn't attacked obama negatively? one thing we should point out today the independent committee for both sides went over billion in spending. that means you have $3 billion spent on the presidential race. unbelievable. >> kimberly: it is unbelievable. where is it getting them in the end? >> dana: the npr poll that came out today has the two candidates at 49/48. the interesting thing about the poll, i thought, bob, i don't know if you had a chance to look at it there with auz an eight-point swing for romney in the poll from npr. >> kimberly: the important point is obama is losing ground since the piv the first debate where people got a chance to see who romney is and what he stands for. that is true. >> bob: made p
of it in just a minute. first, as i tell you about how the media is not focusing on climate change, it's amazing because they're literally getting battered by the storm and still not recognizing it. here is a collection of media reports on hurricane sandy. >> obama: ref pre-positioned assets where local personnel is working with state governments and we we have resources available for those communities hardest hit. i'm grateful for the cooperation of our state and local officials. conversations at this point there are no unmet needs. i think everyone is taking this very seriously. >> cenk: that was not a compilation of weather reports. we'll have that late for you in the show. that's president obama respond together disaster. being president, he's in charge. this is a very important moment. i don't know if you know this but we're very close to an election eight days away. how he handles this might be enormously important to how you vote in november. that's the president talking about the importance of fema. when you talk to mitt romney, if he talks like he did during the primaries, he told you h
for president obama a little change of character yesterday. president obama pulling out so he could get back to the white house and deal with the storm. that left vice president joe biden and former president bill clinton to go to ohio. >> youngstown, ohio. >> bill: of course, youngstown ohio. the vice president saying hey he's sorry he's not here but he's on it. >> he asked me to express his regrets for not being able to be here but you know, he's doing the job the president should be doing. [ cheering ] >> bill: absolutely. and former president bill clinton said i told barack you go back and get to work. >> goat up this morning and called me. he said i gotta go back. this storm is getting out of hand. i said mr. president, that is the right call. [ cheering ] >> bill: that's just what i would have done. all right. in new jersey, which was really hammered by hurricane sandy congressman frank pallone will join us here at the top of the hour. david shuster is in new york. current tv's david shuster will give us
previously told you sandy also suspended the campaigns of both mitt romney and president obama. how could this actually change the election? let's ask our personal finance expert vera gibbons who has been taking a look at this. market closed again today hopefully reopen tomorrow. let's talk about the impact on the presidential election. >> we have all of these canceled events. about 30 events canceled sings saturday we are resaying their schedules now. any kind of disruptions this late in the game as close as this one is significant. you have to put safety heyed of politics but never the less a lot of bumps in the road. >> if they gant get out. >> the point is to activate voters energize them and get to the polls. >> then there's the issue if power disruptions continue could not be open next. >> there could be voting disruptions. if we have the power outages they last a significant amount of time you have ballot issues accounting issues, you have delays all sorts of things to contend with. general chaos. beyond that you have the basic di disruptions here fallen trees, branchs, power lines
to barack obama, they change their minds once they assume office even in the interim when they're presented with things they didn't know otherwise. the president of the united states now, president obama when he was first presented with the full intelligence briefing in chicago. >> sure. >> said, you know, oh, and changed his mind about things. i think if president-elect romney, if he were to become president would look at operations like fema, he would say -- >> hold on a second. mitt romney was governor himself. >> yes. >> he understands fema. so that makes what he said in the debate last year all the more nonsense. >> thank you. wow. i agree with you. >> fema, we need you. >> yeah. >> because he employed fema. >> used fema, worked well with fema. >> fema, dot, dot, dot, you betcha. >> anything we've learned over the past eight to ten years, we need to boost it, strengthen it. >> isn't that another case of primary speak there, though? >> yes, that's exactly what it is which is, you know, this is mitt romney, one of his problems, there's a sense that does he say what the room wants to hear
and washington d.c. and new york, they are assessing any possible damage and it will all depending on changing conditions. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> president barack obama canceled all of his campaign events. he is focused on the government response to the big storm. mitt romney also worked his campaign schedule. he changed an appearance to a storm relief event. more than 6.5 million people are still in the dark. crews from right here in northern california were helping to get the lights back on. >>> san francisco police are looking for suspects in an overnight homicide. it happened shortly after midnight in the city's south mix district. it is still not clear what led up to the deadly gunfire. police responded to a man just before 10:00 last night. no arrests were made and police have not said what prompted the incident. >>> antolin garcia-torres accused of killing sierra lemar, is he set to go before a judge this afternoon. antolin garcia-torres was arrested in may in connection with sierra lemar's disappearance. volunteers are still searching for her but despite not fin
, in president obama's to try to change it to get out from underneath romney. megyn: before we -- before mother nature hit that pause button we had a campaign in which governor romney had the momentum and the polls were going in this is favor. we had a president with an incredible get out the vote ground game in the critical swing states, and the advantages of incumbencyment s. how, if at all did those two narratives change given hurricane sandy in. >> for the president, any day in which his supporters can't be got even to the polls for early voting in ohio and in virginia is bad, because they need every second that they can to try to get out their vote. he's working on a democratic base election. he's trying to win on the basis of maximizing, getting all the toothpaste out of the tube that he possibly can among democrats, where as what romney is trying to do is ride a wave here and get independents and get others, moderates to come to his side and join an already solid and already energized republican basement for the president every minute that he can't be running vans and sending people door
. instead, former president clinton campaigned on mr. obama's behalf where' tacked mitt romney's position on climate change. >> he ridiculed the president for his efforts to fight global warming and economically beneficial ways saying oh you're going to turn back the sea. in my part of america we would have liked it if someone could that done that, yesterday. >> mr. clinton lives outside of new york city. mr. romney appeared in ohio today staying away from overt campaigning during an appearance in a storm relief center. >> i appreciate your generosity. it's the american way to give to people in need. >> mr. romney said he spoke with some of the governors and. >> you can count on abc 7 for coverage of the storm, we'll have live updates tonight on oab 7 news at 5:00 and 6:00. world news will have live team coverage, then tonight at 10:00 abc news will air a special on super storm sandy. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 you tube buzzing with storm clips from that storm. >> an oakland raider makes a visit to play catch to give them important advice about the future. >> and eastern sky shows
banking unit. now back to "hardball." >>> welcome back to "hardball." campaigning for president obama today, former president bill clinton made the political link between hurricane sandy and manmade climate change when he referred to mitt romney's stance on climate change in the recent debate. this is gripping. let's listen. >> he ridiculed the president, ridiculed the president for his efforts to fight global warming in economically beneficial way. he said, oh, you're going to turn back the seas. in my part of america, we would have liked it if someone could have done that yesterday. all up and down the east coast there are mayors, many of them republicans, who are being told you got to move these houses back away from the ocean. you got to lift them up. cli 3459 change is going to raise the water levels on a permanent basis. if you want your town insured, you have to do this. in the real world, barack obama's policies work better. >> he's unbelievable. our extreme weather we're facing right now in the northeast from droughts and wildfires across the country, now hurricane sandy, mak
of insanity so nothing has to change. most presidents rise to crisis and president obama is no different than most in that case. that would be very good timing. >>guest: many in the american people have made up their mine. >>neil: we will see. bill johnson, hope your daughter enjoys her birthday with or without power. thank you, bill. in the middle of the disaster from their respond to there. years of our government employees insurance company, or most of you know it. ...i propose savings for everyone! i'm talking hundreds here... and furthermore.. newcaster: breaking news. the gecko is demanding free pudding. and political parties that are actual parties! with cake! and presents! ah, that was good. too bad nobody could hear me. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. a hybrid? most are just no fun to drive. .. ford c-max hybrid. c-max says ha. c-max says wheeee. which is what you get, don't you see? cause c-max has lots more horsepower than prius v, a hybrid that c-max also bests in mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid. >>
independent. recently, i changed my mind and realize i would rather vote for president obama. the reason is, when my son had to join the military, he is a very bright person eric. he decided if anyone is going to benefit from his hard work, he would rather it be his nation. there is no prejudice in the military. he is given an equal opportunity for as much effort as he gives. i recently saw, on c-span, a general speaking, there were talking about how ieds are the number-one killer of our troops. calvo listens to his generals -- preside cobolnt listens to his generals, and he is giving them a blank check to fight against ieds. guest: thank you. i want to thank you and your son for his service to the country. my father is a vietnam veteran. i appreciate the service of all veterans. you can be assured that barack obama and mitt romney both carriker in much about the military and our troops. i want to make clear to you that mitt romney will do everything, and provide everything that is needed to the united states armed forces to make sure they have everything they need when deployed overseas. h
it to a flash mob, so here's the question. who in the obama administration asked general petraeus to go out and change the story? my next guest is demanding, rightly so, to know the answer. his son, ty woods, is one of the four americans killed in the benghazi attack. his son was a navy seal. joining us is charles woods with his children, jeremiah, faith, and hope. thank you all for being here. i am so sorry your son turned out to be one of the -- this is one of the most heroic stories i've ever heard in my life. he was told -- he was a mile away at the cia, a mile away from the consulate. he heard the cries for help, was told to stand down twice, and he went anyway. >> you know. it does not surprise me at all that my son would disobey direct orders from the white house to stand down and not to help. he's trained as a navy seal, never to leave anybody behind, so it does not surprise me one bit that he would jeopardize his military career as well as his life to help save the lives of other americans. >> sean: you shared with me an e-mail you got from one of the people your son saved. >> okay
? >> the changing demographics in columbus, obama won it convincingly in 2008, and george w. bush won it in 2004 with a strong showing in the southeast. it looks as if the romney forces have secured the base in the southeast and going up in the western part of the state and same for president obama in the northeast, and so it is a battle for the center part of the state and 19 counties that make up their part of the state and it is all about the ground game. gretchen, let me say real quick. in 1976, jimmie carter won ohio by 11,200 odd votes and less than one vote for precinct. in 2004 bush won 118,000 and we would have a president carry. that is how close it is right now. >> gretchen: that's how important one vote will be. thank you for your time. >> good to be with you, gretchen. >> gretchen: top lawmakers stepped up questions on who knew what on benghazi. judge napolitano on that next. massive chunk of atlantic city famed boardwalk simply washed away in the storm. we'll have that next. [ female announcer ] you can make macaroni & cheese without freshly-made pasta. you could also cut corners b
continues our live coverage. >> reporter: death toll stands at 17 the number continues to change. those deaths span seven states. live aerials right now president obama has declared a disaster area for new york and new jersey this is howard county, maryland. sandy unleashed heavy rains and high winds this morning the county dealing with major flooding and dozens of collapsed roofs, you see all that water there. there is also new information within the last hour on the fire burning in queens. between 80 and 100 homes destroyed those numbers up from 50, almost 200 firefighters putting out pockets of fire there the director of tehema gave a briefing this morning telling people who -- who did not evacuate to stay put. >> this is not over we still have more weather to deal with, hopefully, people will be able to stay safe until we can get to the other side of this storm. >> reporter: this is hack ken sack, new jersey teams have -- this is hackensack, new jersey teams have been using boats to rescue people, rescued 30 in that area so far, we've been following the situation in moonachie, new j
it off track just one week before election day. president barack obama has canceled all campaign dates. mitt romney has also reworked his campaign schedule and mitt romney has changed an appearance in ohio this morning from a campaign rally to a storm relief event. >>> time now san francisco police he investigating a homicide in the mission district. police say a young man was shot and died an hour later. it is still not clear what led up to that deadly gunfire. >>> oakland police say a late night san dove ended immediately. they had a report of a man in cans street. no arrests have been made and police have not told us what prompted this accident. >>> antolin garcia-torres was arrested in may in connection to sierra lemar's disappearance. volunteers continue to search for her and even though her body has not been found, antolin garcia-torres faces murder charges. >>> it is the second world series parade for the giants tomorrow. now in 2010, a million people turned out and a lot of preparation may serve you a lot of headaches. you can help folks plan can't you terror. >> if you plan on
liberal hollywood elites are changing their tune on president obama. director oliver stone says president obama made a bad situation even worse. we're going to explain. i love you, james. don't you love me? i'm a robot. i know. i know you're a robot! but there's more in you than just circuits and wires! uhhh. (cries) a machine can't give you what a person can. that's why ally has knowledgeable people there for you, night and day. ally bank. your money needs an ally. >> breaking news, we're awaiting a news conference from new york city mayor mike bloomberg and the city is virtually shut down right now and he's expected to speak at the top of the hour and what he does, we'll bring it to you. right now we've got more news for you, we're following the crane that collapsed in midtown manhattan yesterday and looks like it's hanging, literally, blowing in the wind and it looked extraordinarily vulnerable at this point. and you know, guys, you can see this thing, 57thth street across the street from carnegie hall and i read recently they sold an apartment, the most expensive in mankind or at lea
. but that all could change depending on the weather. passengers should check their flight status throughout the day. at sfo, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> that is good advice. all right, thank you. >>> president obama is praised for his response to the hurricane. white house photos show him in the briefing room overnight getting constant updates on the situation. during the early-morning hours, president obama signed disaster declarations for both new york and new jersey making way for federal grant money to pay for the damages. >>> and with all eyes on the devastation out east both candidates have canceled campaign events through wins. mr. obama coordinating federal relief efforts. he will visit new jersey tomorrow while moms attended a hurricane relief event today for victims in ohio. >>> back in the bay area, five people including two children escaped an explosion and house fire in san jose this morning. >> we heard an explosion, we wanted the door and smoke started coming -- engulfing the house. we got the kids and got out. >> firefighters were called to the home on linda flores street a
has been getting worse, not better as a 21st century design. so what are the obama administration there's been no change in trend. >> now, in fact it's worse. betty sue had what you expect, which is, you know, we had a recession and previous richet seems to get back some of what you've gained. in this case regained almost nothing, but we give back a lot, so we were giving back both from the games in 2002 to 2007 expansion, plus some of the gains carried over from the expansion of the need to 90s. that's what people are really annoyed. hard to blame them. although i've got a remark, when we think about those large structural issues, important of ideas, technology and global markets, or certain codewords who have been untouched by this. literally untouched, probably benefited in this last cycle that is those perfectly positioned to sell their services globally and you operate entirely in the realm of ideas and that describes a lot of people in washington. and i don't like the term political collapse, but the installation of people with influence on policy would expect has an effect
. >> the city shut down david letterman had to make some changes. we have no studio audience but by god we have quite a show for you. >> president obama and republican challenger mitt romney altered or canceled campaign stops. >> and i.m. at paine reporting. >> a ripple effect is caused by the storm. video from s f ocean and the cancellations on the flight status for dozens of flights. officials recommend you call your airline or go check your flight online before heading to the airport to confirm your flight. bay area chapters of the red cross super storm sandy. meanwhile the red cross is conducting blood drives in unaffected states. officials said they have been 100 blood drive campaigns in 11 east coast is already due to the storm. >> on hurricane sandy when that storm is now and where it is expect to go. plus a look at our weather. >> to put some of this into perspective 13 ft. storm surge flooded manhattan's tip. sandy has been downgraded to a poster of all cyclone. we saw the maximum sustained winds of 60 mi. per hour. i want to take a wider look at the storm and you can see how massive i
happened elsewhere in the region. we'll keep you posted on all of that. >>> president obama remains on top of the changing situation in the northeast ever since returning back to washington just before sandy hit. the president has been receiving updates on this superstorm. overnight he signed disaster declarations for new york and new jersey. those will provide more federal money to assist in the cleanup efforts. our white house correspondent dan lothian joins us now. i know that chris christie is going to talk with the president later today. tell us more. >> reporter: well, that's right. we were told by a white house official that the president will be calling up mayors and governors in the impacted areas, specifically new jersey and new york, and this is in addition to some phone conversations that the president had with these state and local officials overnight. as you pointed out, the president was briefed overnight, will continue getting briefings today. the primary briefer we're told is john brennan, his adviser for homeland security. the big question is whether the president will be
of republicans said they were voting against president obama. today a higher percentage of republicans, a majorityay they areoting f govnor romney. there has has been a change in enthusiasm. judy, i think one question that every pollster and every analyst i've talked to recently is trying to figure out is what will the composition of this electorate be? will republicans equal democrats in the number... percentage of the vote? what will the percentage of white voters be versus nonwhite voters? because this is so close, all of those questions are vitally important. we can't tell that in advance. >> woodruff: finally, susan, in just a few seconds, what do you look for in theseinal days of the trailo see when t candidates get back out, what they're saying? >> yes, absolutely. and where do they go? you know, they're only going to have a couple days after they can get back on the campaign trail after sandy has done whatever it's going to do. what states do they go to? that tells you what states are really in play. >> woodruff: susan page, dan balz, we thank you both. >> thank you, judy. . >>
and obama of unlikely voters. we had had obama with a significant lead at the end of the summer and in the aftermath of the political conventions. but the first debate changed that dramatically as a poll we took a few days afterwards showed. but i think that mr. silver is making a broader point, which is the underlying divisions in the public -- i'm talking about ideological and partisan -- are deeply rooted and it is not true that everybody has made a decision and that the public is totally locked up. but the fundamental contours of the 50-50 split in there country are kind of wired into us right now and that provides some kind of anchor to the polls that i think is consistent with his analysis. host: what about the impact of this storm on polling with only one week to go? guest: we are taking a chose look at this. our most recent poll finished interviewing sun night. -- sunday night and we were working on it yesterdayat this. our most recent poll finished interviewing sun night. -- sunday night and we were working on it yesterdaylook at . our most recent poll finished intervie
far. again, a number that could easily change. as for the bridges, well, most have been reopened, but obviously, scott, motorists are being urged to avoid driving unless absolutely necessary, and president obama also declaring new york and new jersey in a state of emergency. officials obviously calling this damage that we've been seeing in new york city unprecedented, and they do expect it to be days before power is restored. the national guard has been called in to help with downed power lines, and in the meantime new york city schools as a precaution do remain closed for a third straight day. back over to you. >> all right. mandy, thanks so much. mandy drury with the latest there. there's sure to be a huge rebuilding effort following sandy, and weyehaeuser is one of the biggest companies dealing in that effort. >> good to be here. >> how much exposure do you think you have to the northeast? how much business do you do here? >> well, we had distribution facilities, two in pennsylvania, one in pittsburgh and one in easton, and then we've got too facilities in the virginia area, r
that as one of the central pieces of his premise to be elected and unseat president obama and, you know, this isn't just a sort of esew terric argument about philosophy here. there are real life impacts to it and we have seen the romney campaign promising big change, trying to reconfigure that position on the auto bailout. there is the same thread that runs between these two things. what happens when everything fails? what happens when the markets bottom out, there is no other source of funding out there, except for the federal government and the federal reserve. there is no other relief that you can find for the state other than federal dollars or federal technical expertise. what does government do in those situations? and that's not an abstract argument. that's very real. >> what makes the firemen jump into the burning building, the police officer go in the streets after midnight in a flood zone, the national guard deployed. it's duty, it's service and those are things you get with government. >> yes. >> and this kind of situation, that you can't always get out of the private sector
it still posing. up next, sandy changes the plans for elizabeth warren and senator scott brown's last debate. plus, the latest polls. we'll have that all for you. ♪ [ crowd cheering ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> in a new ad team obama fired back at governor romney's claim that jeep is outsourcing jobs to china, but the campaign is using some of its strongest language yet. >> even the conservative detroit news criticized romney for his wrong-headedness on the bailout. after romney's false claim of jeep outsourcing to china, chrysler itself has refuted romney's lie. mitt romney and ohio jobs, wrong then. >> let detroit go interrupt. >> dishonest now. >> mark murray joins me. mark, we have governor strik land, former governor of ohio on yesterday. he called the romney ads desperate and many other surrogates for the president have said the same thing. they're firing back in an ad specifically. what is behind this -- i don't know this attempt by governor romney's campaign to put this out after the detroit news and others said that his claim is misleading. it's wrong. it's untrue. i don't kno
options... like oil changes starting at $19.95. my money. my choice. my meineke. >>> we played you comments that president obama made today at the red cross headquarters in washington, praising the first responders and we have seen some extraordinary rescues and incredible stories of first responders at great risk to themselves, going after people who decided to not evacuate, to stay behind. our michael holmes from cnn international is in toms river, new jersey. he's been witnessing some rescues as well. michael, what are you seeing? >> reporter: yeah, quite dramatic stuff, anderson. a few minutes ago we saw another truck load, flatbed truck load of people being brought off those barrier islands, seaside, in fact. and there has been more than 100 of them brought up. these are the people as you point out that were subject to mandatory evacuation. and stayed put. that place was decimated. i've seen aerial pictures of that. the sand has gone blocks inland. the destruction of houses, damage to property, enormous. i talked to a police officer who was there last night and brought the peo
through some changes within this amount of time. now, american policy and president obama is talking about foreign policy in asia. it is not because of [inaudible] , not because of civilization, but there is a more recent incident where libya [inaudible] it is because of an emerging global war that is being triggered by middle east. now, let me give you a little bit of context. you know, context is sort of like underwear. you don't need a lot of it, but you have to have it first. [laughter] in the past, we thought of the great powers is being the main powers. russia and the u.s. in the past. china, maybe india, and then there was another side, the navy powers or today, the united states. then, there was an american that they called donald fuller. if you put these two ideas together and where the two great powers, the land power in the seapower come together, we call it the [inaudible] the middle east is located in one of the worlds great ones. small states have the ability to shift the power from one large side to the other. simply because it depends on which side they are on or which side
prosecutions of leakers in the obama: administration, after three prior prosecutions. you now have a press that is not just "the new york times" and not just the "was washington post" but wikileaks. so, it's a changing landscape on both sides. different kind of media. i think a different attitude in government, or at least that's what it appears to us. the rise of concerns about terrorism and concern for government secrecy, and the ability to transfer large amount of data electronically. you know, if you think back to the pentagon papers, daniel ellsworth has to come to "the new york times" or a paper like "the new york times" to get the secret out. and that was the only way to make them public. not so now. when the government wanted to do terrible things to daniel elseberg, they had to send people to break into this psychiatrist's office. no longer necessary. they have other tools. it seems very old-fashioned. what i really want to start with the panel, have things really changed? are leaks a more serious threat now? have the prosecutions shut off the flow of information the public? is it
? barack obama as a senator ran for president for nearly two years along with a few other people including the secretary of state joe biden. they all got what they were doing is offering specific solutions to change the course of a very weak economy. we only had 2.6 million jobs before. then all of a sudden six days before the election we have the biggest financial crisis before the great depression. throughout all this make shifting in the debates, or what the president calls romn- esia, the central argument is that if governor romney was elected everything would be hunky dory. nothing can be done in four years. for this is not just my opinion. the most important authorities in the world of financial crisis are two professors at harvard. he won the nobel prize and a belief is a moderate republican. he's one of this evidence based guys. not very popular in the republican party. i said you're kind enough to send me a copy of your book. this time it is different. i read it. i want to ask you. is there any way anybody could have prepared all of the damage that barack obama found on the day he
or the other pics when the administration changes all the other political appointees change, except for the inspector general. we don't have to submit our resignation to i remain in the administration for the clinton years, through the bush years after the obama years. for for 11 years i was there. our role is to detect and deter waste, fraud, and abuse, and improve the economy and efficiency of the agency. but our role was also to promote transparency and what the agency did, because i believe very strong and we believe are strongly that it was important for the citizens in the at the government was doing. that's the point in the law enforcement context, but in the intelligence area as well. we did reduce intelligence matters ranging from review of the robert hanssen case at the fbi, why wasn't the robert hanssen could be a spy and fbi missed for several decades, when it initially came out, the fbi said it was because of his wily tradecraft picking out to exploit the system and we are asked to look at it determined that that was not true. that they had lax internal security methods
story. and rumors started monday about a game-changing october surprise. >> donald trump now claims to have a bombshell announcement about president obama. >> a major announcement from donald trump coming today, and why it might change your vote in the presidential election. >> i have something very very big. it's very big. bigger than anyone would know. it's going to be very big, i know one thing-- you will cover it in a very big fashion. >> stephen: yes, board up your windows, stock up on canned meats --this will be the biggest, classiest, most devastating election game-changer in the human history of time. okay? think teapot dome, only the teapot is encrusted with gold and we're using diamond tea bags. [ laughter ] the speculation was rampant. was it the long-rumored obama divorce papers? proof that obama's white half is also black? [ laughter ] no, even bigger. trump dropped a ten-mega-trump bombshell. >> if barack obama opens up and gives his college records and applications; and if he gives his passport applications and records; i will give to a charity of his choice-- inner c
is it that climb climate change working for president obama? would you brag about it? why do they do it, it's the money, lebowsky, of course it's the money. look at how much the oil company spent, $167,000 spent every day lobbying congress. every $1 spent on lobbying is equivalent to $30 worth of tax breaks that they get from the american people. and finally where did the money go? it went largely to romney any way. was it worth it for $720,000? romney got $4.7 million from the oil cop. the republicans win any way. and we all lose because we're right now in the middle of climate change, and we don't have any politicians or almost any media who give a dam or plan to do anything about it. that's unfortunately the cold, hard reality. all right now when we come back we got a lot more for you on the storm. in fact, here is the view of new york. the flooding has begun. just ignore it because oil companies will make it all better. the answer to more drilling. and then bill clinton campaigning for president obama and how is it going to work? we'll have the numbers in ohio for you which are critical
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